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Pyrocarbon Ream and Run

The Ream and Run is special type of partial shoulder replacement where the ball is resurfaced with an implant while the socket is shaped and smoothed to conform to the implant but no resurfaced. It is mainly indicated for younger patients and those who are very physically demanding both of whom may be at risk for eventual failure by loosening of the socket implant. Because the socket is not resurfaced, Ream and Run patients may engage in unrestricted strenuous activity once fully healed. This procedure tends to be an attractive option for people who do frequent and heavy weightlifting or strenuous labor or other activities. While the Ream and Run has the advantage of unrestricted activity, it has a longer recovery in terms of reaching maximal improvement (up to 2 years after surgery) and pain relief may not be as complete as with an anatomic shoulder replacement. For many patients, this is a fair trade-off to permit the strenuous activities they desire. Approximately 5-10% of patients may continue to have socket-sided pain and require a revision if severe enough.

Recent advances in materials science has shown the pyrocarbon heads have improved wear characteristics and better performance and survivorship in partial shoulder replacements. Dr. Parsons implanted the first pyrocarbon Ream and Run in New England and now offers this advanced implant option to all prospective Ream and Run patients.

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