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Swift Hip is the most tissue sparing approach to total hip replacement.

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Having studied and learned all other approaches, Dr. Parsons developed this novel technique by blending together the best features of other surgical techniques to preserve as much of the hip capsule and ligaments as possible.

Swift Hip is a blend of the SuperPATH approach and the SPAIRE approach.

The SuperPATH element incorporates the use of a percutaneous conduit through which instruments can be passed to help prepare and insert the hip socket ensuring optimal positioning without having to increase soft tissue disruption. This allows smaller incisions without compromising exposure of the joint.


The SPAIRE technique stands for Spare the Piriformis And Internus Release Externus. As the name suggests, this approach preserves the insertion of the important piriformis and obturator internus muscles and tendons which improves early stability and protects against leg lengthening. A small window is developed on the back of the hip joint to expose the ball and socket. The released obturator externus tendon and quadratus femoris muscle are reattached at the end of the case closing the entire joint capsule

This surgical approach is possible in all patients who are candidate for hip replacement.

It has the following advantages compared to the Direct Anterior Total Hip

  • More ligament and capsule sparing
  • Less blood loss
  • Less risk of fracture
  • Less risk of loosening of the femoral implant
  • Less risk of damage to sensory nerves around the hip

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